Monthly Archives: July 2005

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 8….The Saint

The Adventures of the Saint. We look at Leslie Charteris, Simon Templar, and its appearances on radio, television and film. This week’s episode: The Color Blind Murder on Shipboard. Total running time: about 31 minutes.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 7 – Charlie Chan

In 1925 a somewhat obscure writer wrote a mystery story set in Honolulu that was serialized in the The Saturday Evening Post. The writer was Earl Derr Biggers and the story, later published by Bobbs-Merrill was called The House without a Key. About a quarter into the book, a new character is introduced as the detective from the Honolulu Police… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 6 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar (Pt 2)

This week’s podcast continues with the Open Town Matter from Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – the final three episodes.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 5 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar

This week’s podcast is a real treat for me because my interest in old time radio evolved with this radio detective and I have been a fan ever since it was broadcast. Unlike the other radio detectives I have featured on past podcasts, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar was not based on any work of fiction but rather was purely a… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 4 – Nero Wolfe

Today you will hear a detective who like Ellery Queen was very cerebral in solving crimes but not personally involved. Nero Wolfe was the creation of Rex Stout. His character’s persona is well known as extremely obese who rarely leaves his house and loves orchids and beer in that order.