Monthly Archives: November 2006

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 74 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar #7

When Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar was moved from Hollywood to New York City, Bob Bailey chose not to move with it and left the show. His long running stint as Dollar came to an end. New York actor Robert Readick became the new Johnny Dollar. A look at how the new series changed yet again.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 73 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar #6

We’re nearing the end of our run of Johnny Dollar actors. This week a look at probably the best known and one of the most popular radio Johnny Dollar’s among radio fans – Bob Bailey (right). Bailey is not well-known outside of his role although he was on a number of other series, mostly in minor roles. His story is… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 72 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar #5

Nearing the end, a look at Johnny Dollar #5 and another one that was never heard over radio. Veteran radio and television actor Gerald Mohr – the voice of Philip Marlowe (right) – did an audition recording of the revival of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar after it left the air the previous year. Music under is “Blue in Rain” by… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 71 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar #4

We’re now at the 4th Johnny Dollar actor in my continuing run on this well known radio detective. John Lund (right) was the fourth actor to portray the famous insurance investigator. Like Edmond O’Brien, his portrayal was a darker one, but flatter than O’Brien’s. He was my least favorite of the Dollar’s perhaps, but consideration will be given to his… (more…)