Monthly Archives: December 2006

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 78 – Richard Diamond, Private Investigator (Christmas show)

It’s Christmas time and this week’s podcast is a special one! Staying in the vein of our detective theme, I present a variation on Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” with the puckish Dick Powell in his Richard Diamond hat. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 77 – The Glass Key

A bit outside the regular “detective” stories, this episode from the Campbell Playhouse (Mercury Theater on the Air) takes Dash Hammett’s (right) story about power and corruption rolls one character into a “detective” mold and comes up with “The Glass Key.” This one is well done. This one is a bit longer than normal due to the length of the… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 76 – Sherlock Holmes

A look at Edith Meiser (right), who was responsible for first bringing Sherlock Holmes to radio. Meiser adapted almost all the Holmes canon for radio beginning in the early thirties until 1945. She later wrote the text for a comic stripe of Holmes in the fifties. An accomplished actress, who also wrote books, films and radio plays. You’ll hear a… (more…)

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 75 – Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar #8

The final actor to portray Johnny Dollar is featured this week. Mandel Kramer (right) was the last Dollar and also the last featured star of a dramatic radio serial from its Golden Age. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar had the sad distinction of being the final dramatic radio program when it ended in September 1962.