Website Woes

I am a victim of my own success, I guess.

When I began this podcast in 2005, I was posting regular episodes weekly. I had no problems with my Internet Service Provider as people downloaded or listened online.

Then I started advertising on Twitter alerting listeners to new episodes. And fairly quickly the number of downloads increased exponentially and suddenly I was running up against bandwidth issues that I was told should not be an issue. Over the past couple of years, my ISP has ramped up advertising their services and are seeking more users to sign up. I think this is when the bandwidth changes began. In fairness, they are not a site like Libsyn, which is oriented to podcasters and not simply individuals and businesses who want to have a web presence.

At certain times when a new podcast comes out, I have surges of people downloading and the bandwidth usage begins to slow down their servers, or so I am told.

So I am in the process of moving the audio to libsyn while retaining the web site interface on my current ISP, who I do like (despite my concerns). Only recently I started adding a few ads on the main page which does bring some revenue, but for the most part my site is ad free. Consequently, I rely on both the few ads from Google and any donations. Running these sites do cost and adding libsyn increases my costs. And so all of this switchover will take time, so that means the episodes will slow down for a while due to some of the restrictions I am running into.

Thanks for listening and staying nearby.

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