Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 247 – Rocky Jordan

Jack MoylesThe character of Rocky Jordan went through a transformation of sorts over the history of its run. For all, but the third run, actor Jack Moyles (left) portrayed Rocky.

It began its life as A Man Named Jordan in 1945 as a 5-times-a-week 15 minute serial running at one point during the so-called “Children’s Hour.”  This series while very good, was more fashioned after Casablanca where Rocky owned the Café Tambourine in Istanbul. Rocky, like Rick Blaine from Casablanca was a patriot who ran his café during the war, but seemed involved in nefarious businesses and get-rich schemes.

Then the series left the air and returned with new writers as a one-time-a-week 30 minute series.  The Café Tambourine was now in Egypt in Cairo and Rocky seemed more involved in crime solving helping his police friend Sam Sabaaya.  I have two episodes this time, one from each series which illustrate both the writing as well as the nuances of the character.

Music under is Dream by Mohamed Rouane.

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