Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 250 – The Saint

Leslie CharterisWith the publication of a new book – The Saint on Radio by Ian Dickerson, I take another look at this “Robin Hood of Modern Crime.” Some newer information comes to light with this publication.

A creation of writer Leslie Charteris (left), The Saint was possibly the only fictional character to be featured in virtually every entertainment media: from film, radio, television to comic books.

Some have determined their were possibly five iterations of the character of Simon Templar over the course of the books. I look at how those iterations fit into the radio character and spend some time on the 1995 British version.

Thanks to Neville Teller and Jeffrey Richards. Clip from The Saint Overboard, copyright BBC, 1995.

Music under is British Dance Band music including:

Roy Fox & His Orchestra – Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries – vocal by Al Bowlly

Sidney Kyte & His Orchestra – Guilty – vocal by The 3 Ginx



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