Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 251 – Night Beat

Frank LovejoyA revisit to the “journalist as detective” series, Night Beat.  The series was much more than simply a detective-style series.  It was a dramatic look at the microcosm of individuals who lived in the night in a large city.  Certainly with noir-ish elements, my fascination with the series is how each character is so well defined as flawed individuals who for various reasons have chosen to live in the shadows.

This time a look at one of my favorite episodes – “Julie, the Jukebox Girl.” Just like there were people hired in the forties to constantly state the time every fifteen seconds, there were also women who would actually interact with purchasers of musical tunes to which they could listen. This was before the devices with individual recordings would be within the box itself.  These were telephonically transmitted through the device after requesting it through a microphone built into the box.

This episode affords a good example of what the series was about.

Music under is Sidney Kyte and his Orchestra playing “Guilty” sung by the 3 Ginx – a British Dance band from the thirties.

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