Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 256 – On Stage

E. Jack NeumanE. Jack Neuman was probably one of the best radio script writers in the age of radio drama. He wrote for many series including many detective series as well as other drama series. He moved onto a successful television writing career later in the fifties though he was still writing for radio into the mi-fifties.

He considered it a privilege that he was able to write a number of scripts for the Elliott and Cathy Lewis vehicle called On Stage.  Radio historian John Dunning called On Stage “the pinnacle of radio drama.” He also felt as do I that this episode from that series called “Statement of Fact” was possibly one of the best written suspense dramas for radio. I present several clips with the writer Neuman and producer Elliott Lewis speaking about this play which could be viewed today as an early example of the relationships of man and women as well as a common man versus the system story.

Music under is Miles Davis performing “Blue In Green”

Thanks to John Dunning for his interviews.

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