Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 96 – The Adventures of Leonidas Witherall

Walter Hampden Something a bit different in radio detectives. The Adventures of Leonidas Witherall was a WOR Mutual amateur radio detective in 1944. He is the headmaster of a New England school and an expert on William Shakespeare. These episodes were a bit lighter in tone than many of the detectives but probably in keeping with other detectives at this period on radio. Star of the series was distinguished stage actor, Walter Hampden (right).

The series was based upon the writings of mystery author Phoebe Atwood Taylor, a New England mystery writer who had a penchant for using strange character names in her books. The Witherall tales were writer under the pen name of Alice Tilton. Leonidas Witherall was a headmaster of Meredith Academy who lived alone in his Boston suburb along with his housekeeper and confidant, Mrs. Mullet.

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