Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 97 – Dimension X: Untitled Story

George PetrieThis week a detective story that comes from within the genre of science fiction! Based upon a story by science fiction author Frank M. Robinson, this radio version from Dimension X is very much a hardboiled detective story, but with science-based concepts. Starring George Petrie (right) who could have played a very good Johnny Dollar. A hardboiled detective story but with time travel implications!

The story was written while Robinson was in the Navy aboard a ship in Korea. He sent the story into Astounding Science Fiction magazine expecting the editor, John W. Campbell to give it a title since he had none. Instead, Campbell published it as “Untitled Story” in September 1950.

George Lefferts’ adaptation gives the play the feel of the hard-boiled detective story. Don Hayssen, the detective, played by Petrie, who might have made a good Johnny Dollar, plays the role in a straight-hard-boiled tough guy way.

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