Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 4 – Nero Wolfe

Today you will hear a detective who like Ellery Queen was very cerebral in solving crimes but not personally involved. Nero Wolfe was the creation of Rex Stout. His character’s persona is well known as extremely obese who rarely leaves his house and loves orchids and beer in that order.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 3 – Ellery Queen

Two cousins, Frederic Dannay and Manfred B. Lee decided to try their luck and sat down to create a mystery novel. They wanted a name that would be remembered and roll off the tongue and slightly unusual. As they thought it through Dannay recalled his friend whose first name was Ellery. And so the first name was chosen. The last name, Queen, was apparently chosen mostly for the way it sounded when said with Ellery.

Chosen to play the lead in the radio series was Hugh Marlowe who many will know from the Robert Wise film “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 2 – The Adventures of Sam Spade

In today’s podcast we’ll look at Dashiell Hammett’s well-known detective … Sam Spade. Probably more than any other writer including Chandler, Hammett defined the no nonsense somewhat anti-woman operative from a detective agency.

Sam Spade, as defined by Hammett, was a cool, untrickable, lone sleuth who stood between the cops and the criminals. Hammett calls him “hard and shifty.”

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 1 – Phillip Marlowe

Gerald MohrRaymond Chandler introduced his hardboiled gumshoe, Philip Marlowe, in his novel “The Big Sleep.” He referred to Marlowe as his “white knight in a trench coat.” The character was a tough lone wolf with a heart and a sense of honor.

By September 1948, it was revitalized on CBS starring Gerald Mohr. Mohr along with producer and director Norman Macdonnell and a talented group of scriptwriters produced an exciting, gritty, yet sensitive series.