Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 242 – Candy Matson

Natalie Parks Masters Originally conceived as a series with a male Private Eye, creator Monte Masters switched it to a female private cop starring his wife, Natalie Masters, in the role. This San Francisco-based series was possibly the best female radio cop series, though there are some close contenders. I look at this plus women as radio P.I.’s in general. Natalie Masters voice even sounded like a “Candy” when she talked. Included are some clips from an interview with Jack French, author of Private Eyelashes, from 2005.

Music under is Lou McDonald playing “Candy.”


Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 241 – Fly by Night

Joseph Cotten A thrill-packed story written by George and Gertrude Fass and adapted by Mort Fine and David Friedkin with Elliott Lewis directing. A convergence of talent that also stars screen actor, Joseph Cotten (right) in a well acted understated role as Micky Manning. Manning is trying to clear his name but finds himself a scapegoat in a crime with some interesting twists and turns.

Also stars Cathy Lewis in an excellent portrayal of Manning’s wife Mary. Elliott Lewis knows how to take an audio only production and make you cringe at the violence against Manning. An excellent example of audio producing I would recommend to any aspiring radio drama producer.

Music under is George Benson performing “Fly by Night.”


Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 240 – Police Line-Up

Bill JohnstoneWelcome back to another new year of the Radio Detective Story Hour now beginning ten years.

As promised from the previous podcast, I am presenting a rarely heard audition of what became a three-year radio police procedural called The Line-Up. This audition is identified in the drama as Police Line-Up though that was a working title. The series was one of the best procedurals on radio and I would place it up with – and possibly above – Dragnet, which, while I like it, is almost too dry. The Line-Up had more drama over its run than Dragnet did.

The starring role was held by Bill Johnstone (seen on the left) who for a while portrayed the Shadow in the eponymous series. While Joseph Kearns is heard in the audition (and he is very good), Wally Maher appeared for the first year or so in the actual series as Sgt. Matt Greb.

Music under is the Sonny Stitt Quartet performing “I’ll Be Seeing You.”


Film Noir and news reporting – The Underworld Story

Another great Dan Duryea performance about a small town and a city newspaper which go after the criminal element.

The film is based upon a Craig Rice story. The author has been featured here before in radio adapatations.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 239 – Broadway Is My Beat

Charles Calvert A Christmas gift – one of my favorite police detective series is Broadway Is My Beat with Larry Thor as Danny Clover and Charles Calvert (right) as Sgt. Tataglia. The series had at least one Christmas themed episode which is offered here in this last podcast of 2014.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas. Music under is “New York at Christmas” sung by Paul Safy, Jr. and written by Richard Currier and Jim Piazza.


Changes to Podcast site

rdsh_logo_2I made some more changes to the site and it now looks as it always has in the past. The location of the sound files are still in a new location, but it should be transparent to what you see on the site. Hopefully, this will resolve some of the issues, some of you have noticed.

As always, let me know if you see issues.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 238 – Motive for Murder

Alan LaddA well-constructed radio play by veteran scripter E. Jack Neuman and based on a Pulp fiction piece by Ward and John Hawkins. A rare convergence of talented radio people in E. Jack Neuman, William Spier, Norman MacDonnell, Ward and John Hawkins make this a must listen. And a great performance by Alan Ladd and a veteran cast of radio actors.

Music under is “My One and Only Love” performed by Ben Webster and Art Tatum.

Testing out a different delivery system for my podcast

I am trying a different delivery system for my podcast. For some time, it was delivered with the help of an outside service, but I wanted to be less dependent upon it. I have the last two podcasts using a different method which appears to be working as I haven’t heard of any issues. If you listen directly from this blog site, there is a slightly longer delay for the podcast to begin playing, but it isn’t anything of consequence.

Please drop me an email if you run into any problems.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 237 – Pursuit

John DehnerA visit to an NBC series which had several actors portraying British Police Inspector Peter Black as he fought crime the old fashioned way.  This series, Pursuit, began life as an audition called The Hunters.

After the series initial left the air, it returned as a summer replacement for the Gene Autry Show, but starring a new actor, the veteran radio actor, John Dehner (left). Dehner was only on the series for a short time, but his portrayal of Black is very good.

Dehner went on to appear in his own radio series of the old West – Have Gun Will Travel and Frontier Gentleman.

Music under is “The Hunter” by Clannad.

Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 236 – O’Hara Revisted

Stacy HarrisSeveral Podcasts ago, I featured a series called O’Hara. My explanation contained what I knew of the series at the time and consequently, several errors. Since then, I was contacted by Stewart Wright who has researched the series. The copy I had featured Jack Moyles in the role. He later left the series and Stacy Harris took over. This podcast features updated information plus a recording of Harris in the role. The first series in 1951 ran for 26 Episodes, then left the air. The second run lasted only 12 weeks beginning in a 1956 revival.

Music under is “Hong Kong Blues” performed by Les Colocs