Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 253 – Suspense – Last Night

MargoCornell Woolrich wrote a short story under the pseudonym of William Irish which he titled The Red Tide. While the story was well written, the plotting was overly melodramatic and never was one of his better ones. In 1943, it is believed he was given an opportunity to write a radio play based on the story for the series Suspense. He expanded the original story and created a passable radio play utilizing his familiar oscillation plotting in which the reader and listener is moved in opinion back and forth on the guilt or innocence of one of the characters. He titled the script Last Night and was so pleased with it, that he later re-wrote the original story expanding it similar to the radio play and titling it the same as the script.

The play starred the actress known as Margo on screen, possibly because her real name was Maria Marguerita Guadelupe Boldao y Castilla. Margo’s acting in the radio play was like the story – overly melodramatic. Still it passes as an interesting Woolrich noir storyline involving possible murder.

Music under is “Blue Is Green” performed by Miles Davis.

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