Radio Detective Story Hour Episode 254 – Adventures of Christopher London

Glenn Ford With changes in how Hollywood worked with actors and contracts, a number of well-known actors began doing usually short term series on radio including Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in Bold Venture, Dana Andrews in I Was A Communist for the FBI, Joel McCrea, Tyrone Powers, Alan Ladd and Glenn Ford, who starred in a detective/adventure series called The Adventures of Christopher London.

In declining radio markets, competition was fierce and some of the stars, it was hoped, would draw listeners away from popular programs on other networks. When you listen to The Adventures of Christopher London you’ll notice right away that it is a top notch production. NBC hired mystery writer Erle Stanley Gardner to create a character that is a handsome, single, cynical, ladies’ man that sets out each week on an adventure solving crimes around the world.

Despite its best effort, as was the case with many big screen actors coming to radio, it simply wasn’t enough to sustain any length of time to develop a truly devoted listenership.

Music under includes Requiem For a Dream performed by the Kronos Quartet; the Larry Clinton Orchestra with Bea Wain singing Heart and Soul and Al Bowlly singing Heart and Soul.

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